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  • LEARN how to split your Author, Composer and Music Publisher's shares.

  • LEARN what is a Performing Right Organization and get the Direct Links to join them.

  • LEARN what a Blanket License is and how PROs are using them to collect money from radio stations on your behalf.

  • LEARN how money will flow from the radio stations to your bank account!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Get Radio Royalties in USA and Canada?

    • How to Get Radio Royalties in USA and Canada? (Video)

    • Quiz

  • 2

    Downloadable Documents

    • Royalty Split / Author-Composer (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Royalty Split / Author-Composer-Publisher (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Royalty Split / Example 1 (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Royalty Split / Example 2 (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Money Flowchart (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Join PROs / Direct Links (PDF) - Downloadable

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Music Business

Dominique Blais

My name is Dominique Blais and I am a professional music business educator, business consultant, and entrepreneur. ​ Music has been a great part of my life from a very young age, and became my infatuation when I launched my own music company at the age of 16. Always an inquiring mind with a hungry heart, I combined my musical studies at Berklee College of Music with Paralegal and Human Resource Management studies, which proved to be a precious asset to my career. ​ Being enthusiastically involved in more than 50 recording projects in both Canada and the United States, I also had the pleasure to produce and mix some albums at Steve Vai’s home studio in Hollywood, CA. Several albums that I promoted were nominated at the Canadian Country Music Awards and the East Coast Music Awards. ​ Moreover, I served as a concert promoter in shows and tours for many artists such as Motorhead, Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), The Misfits, Anthrax, Marky Ramone, SkidRow, and the list goes on and on... ​ From 2003 to 2008 I was a Member services and Licensing Agent for SODRAC (SOCAN), a copyright collective management society for creators of musical works, including authors, composers and music publishers. ​ My career as a music business educator started at Trebas Institute in Montreal back in 2003. I held the position of Director of Studies up to 2019.

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