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For only $ 99, access this 11-week course that will make your music stand out!

By understanding the traditions of arrangement and musicianship, you will be able to think outside the box, and have a clear understanding of the musical rules to break them, so you can stand out. Music is a language and music production is a science. Fads will come and go, but classics will never die. All classic music in all genres are based on musical foundations which includes drums, bass lines, melodies, and real musicianship. This course is an outline of those foundations and give students a new awareness to help them with their music process.

  • LEARN how to create amazing drum loops using modern tools.

  • LEARN how to compose memorable melodies that lead to hit songs.

  • LEARN how to make great arrangements of you own songs.

  • LEARN how to use music samples and how to mix them in a track.

  • LEARN fun and modern ways to practice music and improve your skills.

  • SUBMIT assignements and get actual feedback from Cas Weinbren

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to my Course!

    • Welcome to my Course (Video)

    • Minimal Equipment List (PDF) - Downloadable

  • 2

    Concept 1: How to Create Amazing Drum Loops

    • Let's talk about mixed drums (Video)

    • Lesson 1: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 1: Quiz

  • 3

    Concept 2: Movement

    • Ostinatos and repeated musical concepts (Video)

    • Lesson 2: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 2: Quiz

  • 4

    Concept 3: Solo Instrument Music and its Role in Today's Market

    • Learning how to master one instrument is key (Video)

    • Daily Practice Routine (Video)

    • Using only one instrument to create a song or loop (Video)

    • Lesson 3: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 3: Quiz

  • 5

    Concept 4: Melodies and Melodic Composition

    • The importance of melodies and melodic composition (Video)

    • Lesson 4: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 4: Quiz

  • 6

    Concept 5: Bass Lines

    • The stronger the bass line, the stronger the song (Video)

    • Lesson 5: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 5: Quiz

  • 7

    Creating a Beat Using Concepts 1 to 5

    • Let's focus on beats (Video)

    • Lesson 6: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 6: Quiz

  • 8

    Concept 6: Arrangement, Time and Momentum

    • How to keep the listener engaged using great arrangement (Video)

    • Lesson 7: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 7: Quiz

  • 9

    Concept 7: Remixes and Songwriting

    • Successful remixes and cover songs analysis (Video)

    • Step by step process on how I produce a remix (Video)

    • Lesson 8: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 8: Quiz

  • 10

    Concept 8: About Songwriting

    • Discussion about songwriting (Video)

    • Lesson 9: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 9 : Quiz

  • 11

    Concept 9: Musicology

    • How important it is to research and listen to the past as it is to listen to the present? (Video)

    • Sample remixing techniques (Video)

    • Lesson 10: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 10: Quiz

  • 12

    Conclusion: Modern Ways to Practice Music

    • Fun ways into making it a habit to practice every day (Video)

    • Thank you and keep on creating! (Video)

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Music Production & Songwriting

Cas Weinbren

Cas Weinbren (a.k.a See See Beats / Caskeyboardproducer) - is an Award Winning, critically acclaimed modern musician and multi-genre music producer who has records that streamed 22.3 Million times which includes collaborations with Statik Selektah, Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, J Cole, McDonald's, Nike Air Jordan, Cee Lo Green, Sam Trocki and many more. Cas is a classical and jazz trained musician who comes to production and songwriting from the intuitive but educated approach.

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