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For Only $50, Learn How to Create a Professional Technical Rider and get More Gigs!

It is often said that it is the first impression that counts. In the concert business, this is also true. Festival organizers, concert halls and agents might not want to work with you if you do not have a well written Technical Rider. Put the odds on your side to achieve success. Learn how to build your own technical rider today.

  • LEARN every aspect of the 5 main sections of a Technical Rider.

  • LEARN how to create alternate version of your Technical Rider based on various factors (i.e. Indoor vs Outdoor, Main act vs Opening Act, Small vs Large Venue, etc.)

  • LEARN how to calculate the costs pertaining to a Technical Rider.

  • GET ACCESS to a professional Technical Rider template that you can easily adapt to suit your own needs.

  • BONUS CONTENT: Downloadable Show proposal template & Booking Agreement template. These documents, along with the Technical Rider, will help you book more shows and generate more income.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to my Course!

    • Welcome to my course (Video)

    • The Contractual Cycle of a Concert (Video)

    • Introduction to Technical Riders (Video)

    • How can a Professionally Designed Technical Rider Help you Get More Gigs? (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Assignment #1: Technical Rider Requirement List (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 1: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 1: Quiz

  • 2

    The 5 Main Sections of a Technical Rider

    • The 5 Main Sections of a Technical Rider (Video)

    • The 5 Main Sections of a Technical Rider (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Assignment #2: Start Building your Technical Rider (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 2: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 2: Quiz

  • 3

    Alternate Versions

    • Alternate Versions (Video)

    • Alternate Versions (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Indoor vs Outdoor Gigs: What to Take into Consideration? (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 3: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 3: Quiz

  • 4

    Technical Rider Cost Analysis

    • Technical Rider Cost Analysis (Video)

    • Technical Rider Cost Analysis (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Assignment #3: Calculate the Required Budget for a Technical Rider

    • Level #4: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level #4: Quiz

  • 5

    Write Your Own Technical Rider

    • Write Your Own Technical Rider (Video)

    • How to use the Technical Rider Template?

    • Technical Rider Template (MS Word) - Downloadable

    • Assignment #4: Build Your Own Technical Rider (PDF)

    • Assignment #5: Build an Alternate Version of Your Technical Rider

    • Level #5: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level #5: Quiz

  • 6

    Bonus Content

    • How to use the bonus content (Video)

    • Template: Show Proposal (MS Word)

    • Template: Booking Agreement (MS Word)

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Music Business

Dominique Blais

My name is Dominique Blais and I am a professional music business educator, business consultant, and entrepreneur. ​ Music has been a great part of my life from a very young age, and became my infatuation when I launched my own music company at the age of 16. Always an inquiring mind with a hungry heart, I combined my musical studies at Berklee College of Music with Paralegal and Human Resource Management studies, which proved to be a precious asset to my career. ​ Being enthusiastically involved in more than 50 recording projects in both Canada and the United States, I also had the pleasure to produce and mix some albums at Steve Vai’s home studio in Hollywood, CA. Several albums that I promoted were nominated at the Canadian Country Music Awards and the East Coast Music Awards. ​ Moreover, I served as a concert promoter in shows and tours for many artists such as Motorhead, Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), The Misfits, Anthrax, Marky Ramone, SkidRow, and the list goes on and on... ​ From 2003 to 2008 I was a Member services and Licensing Agent for SODRAC (SOCAN), a copyright collective management society for creators of musical works, including authors, composers and music publishers. ​ My career as a music business educator started at Trebas Institute in Montreal back in 2003. I held the position of Director of Studies up to 2019.

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