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For only $250 Bring your Vocal Recording Skills to the Next Level with Grammy Award Winner Steve Pageot!

Recording great vocal tracks is one crucial task for a record producer. This can literally make a difference between a professional sounding recording and a demo.

  • LEARN how to choose the right microphone for your project.

  • LEARN how to get the best out of the human being behind the microphone.

  • LEARN how to select the right effects for your vocal recording session.

  • LEARN how to record single and multiple singer at the same time.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Watch an actual recording session produced by Grammy Award winner Steve Pageot!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to my Course!

    • Why is it so hard to produce good vocal tracks? (Text)

    • What about the course curriculum? (Video)

    • What do you need to get started? (Video)

    • The Producer's Shopping List (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 1: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 1: Quiz

  • 2

    First and Foremost: Put the Odds in your Favor

    • How to develop a top music producer's mindset? (Video)

    • Tips on setting up the right mood in studio (Video)

    • Understanding and dealing with the artist's stress and fatigue (Exclusive Podcast)

    • How to select the right room? (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 2: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 2: Quiz

  • 3

    How to Choose the Right Microphone?

    • Microphone types (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Best vocal recording microphones under 1K (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Why am I using AKG microphones most of the time? (Video)

    • Most famous vocal microphones (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 3: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 3: Quiz

  • 4

    Let's Record our First Track Together!

    • The main potential recording issues and how to manage them

    • Microphone placement and techniques (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Types of effects commonly used in a recording session (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Let's hear the difference: 1 singer, many microphones (Video)

    • Lesson 4: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 4: Quiz

  • 5

    How to Record Multiple Singer Together?

    • Close miking vs Room micking (Video)

    • The importance of monitoring properly (Video)

    • Level 5: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Level 5: Quiz

  • 6

    It's a Wrap!

    • How to Improve your Vocal Recording Skills? (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Let's Keep in Touch (Video)

    • Lesson 6: Key Takeaways (PDF) - Downloadable

    • Lesson 6: Quiz

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And Get a Chance to Win a One-on-One Video Meeting with Steve Pageot

Instructor: Steve Pageot

Grammy for Aretha Franklin on "Wonderful", Multi-Platinum Producer Endorsed by AKG. Production on Hamilton Mixtape, Flute on “Listen” by Talib Kweli, and much more!

Music Production

Steve Pageot

The journey to a successful career in the entertainment industry is not a race; it’s a marathon. It’s all about consistency and while some luminaries seemingly come from nowhere and find instant fame, most burn out their star fairly quickly. Trends change, but training and tradition will always be in demand. While working to take his brand to the next level, Grammy Award-winning Producer/Musician/Composer/Engineer Steve Pageot will certainly strive to keep these virtues at the core of his work. ​ After winning a major competition in Canada, where he was raised, he soon found himself participating as a musician on several domestic and international projects. As is the norm within the entertainment industry, work begets more work and in 1998 he moved to New York with $400 and got a chance to prove himself under the wing of producer Ron Lawrence (Diddy, B.I.G, LL Cool J). Within a year, Steve would be beginning his collection of industry accolades with a platinum plaque for his work on the 1999 release of Krayzie Bone’s “Thug Mentality 1999”. Another gold plaque and a Grammy Award later, the latter for his work with the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, Steve inked a deal with MTV to score music for several of their television shows including runaway successes Run’s House and Rob and Big. Becoming somewhat of a staple in the Viacom arena, he has also scored music for VH1 shows and appeared four times on BET’s 106 and Park as a judge on the Freestyle Friday segment. “It’s all about taking the brand to the next level”, he smartly outlines. While continuing his work in production, composing, engineering, and mixing, he seeks to get the message of the importance of music education to the youth and share what he has learned about the entertainment industry with novices and apprentices.

Steve Pageot is the Spokesperson for the BeatMakersFest

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